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Protect The Force Inc. Enters into Agreement with Emergstat Technologies LLC to Promote Wound Treatment Technology

VANCOUVER, B.C. – May 7, 2013 – Protect The Force Inc (“PTF”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Mission Ready Services Inc. (“MRSI”), has entered into a consulting agreement with research and development company, EmergStat Technologies LLC (“EmergStat”). In return for an equity position in EmergStat, PTF will introduce and advance their wound management technologies to military and first responders worldwide. …

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Cleaning & Repair of SPEAR Equipment – A potential US Government Savings of $3.7M in 2013

A New US Defense Strategy is emerging. Four prominent defense think tanks agree that future defense strategy must be in line with shrinking resources. DoD can’t do more with less. The US must defend itself more efficiently and our allies must do more for themselves. Likely future DoD reductions: European bases, F-22, F-35, healthcare, lead system integrators, contractor labor, nuclear …

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