Cleaning of PPE & Technical Apparel:

10-20 Services provides maintenance and repair services for military, first responder and peacekeeping equipment.  Our patented Advanced Cleaning System (ACS) holds your technical gear in place then rotates it through a precisely controlled cleaning medium.  Our restoration and repair services extend the service life of commonly replaced personal protective equipment without degrading any of its protective properties.  Your gear will look and perform like new for a fraction of the replacement cost.

Why should you replace a $400 Gore-Tex jacket because a $10 zipper fails? We don’t think you should. Patches — fabric, zipper and Velcro™ replacement, and a variety of other repairs are available for your equipment. All repairs are conducted by highly trained staff and are backed with our 1-year warranty.


Advanced Cleaning System


Whether its a set of boots, sleep system, backpack, body armor, or bike helmet, we can clean and disinfect your gear. Remove stains. Remove the funk. Remove the hassle and expense of replacing your equipment.

10-20 Services - Restore, Don't Replace