10-20 Services’ Advanced Cleaning System is more than just a washing machine. It is an innovative washing system using a patented system of hydraulic pressure cleaning combined with a specific blend of detergents to effectively disinfect soft contents, personal protective gear, and all types of sports equipment.



The wash systems developed represents a revolutionary technology that changes the rules for how survivability and sustainability components can be cleaned and decontaminated. This unique patented and proprietary technology holds items stationary while they pass through 4 stages of a cleaning medium.


The entire process is computer controlled ensuring consistent results for all manner of organic and inorganic contaminants. Independent laboratory testing has proven that the Advanced Cleaning System removes 99.99% of contaminants. Components previously considered non-cleanable, or unable to be machine cleaned, can now be efficiently and effectively cleaned and decontaminated.

Where traditional cleaning systems are limited to the laundering of soft goods such as uniforms, the Advanced Cleaning System has been designed to clean survivability and sustainment components such as body armor, boots, helmets, eye protection, backpacks, webbing, sleep systems, holsters, knee pads and more, as well as uniforms and other articles traditionally laundered.

10-20’s care for your equipment continues through the drying process. Instead of beating up your equipment in a commercial dryer, 10-20 Services’ locations use specialized dehumidified “dry rooms” to quickly and gently remove moisture from your equipment. The result is a thoroughly dried piece of gear that you can store without fear of mildew or odors.

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