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Lakewood: 10-20 Services opens military gear restoration facility

Posted on September 19, 2012

LAKEWOOD, Wash. — 10-20 Services Inc., a company that provides professional tactical cleaning and repair services, recently opened its flagship franchise in Lakewood, Wash. The business cleans and restores personal protective equipment for military personnel as well as first responders and other technical professionals. The parent company of 10-20 Services, Mission Ready Services Inc., selected the Lakewood area due to the proximity to Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

The business provides an economical approach for customers to minimize replacement expenses for body armor or other types of personal protective equipment. 10-20 Services’ cleaning technology uses computer controlled washing machines, engineered detergents, non-mechanical drying procedures and equipment repairs create a no-impact cleaning system that does not affect functionality. For example, 10-20 Services cleans and sanitizes body armor and fire fighter turn out gear without diminishing its critical, lifesaving properties.

According to Burnite, the company will grow to serve the United States Military on a national level. 10-20 Services plans to open eight more locations across the United States with the next one planned near Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

“This is the first of many locations,” said 10-20 Service President, Clay Williamson. “There is a great demand for our cost-saving service. If a military base can reuse equipment while maintaining a high level of protection for the wearer, that is a win.”

10-20 Services is largely a defense contractor. Estimates suggest 10-20 Services could save the Department of Defense millions of dollars in the coming years considering that the cost of cleaning, repairing and restoring equipment is much more economical than replacing gear.

10-20 Services, Inc. is located at 10111 South Tacoma Way, Lakewood, WA 98499.

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